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About US

Weddings in ItalyFounder and President, Anna Maria Sorrentino, was born in Torino, Italy and relocated to the United States as a youngster. Her career has been devoted to the travel industry, holding various senior marketing positions in corporate sales, group operations and group sales for a major international airline.

Her frequent travels to her native Italy coupled with impeccable professional credentials have been invaluable in creating equally flawless, interesting, carefully conceived and executed travel experiences.

Anna Maria has focused her efforts and passion for her work in creating food and wine programs initially featuring Italy's most exciting wine producing regions and extraordinary culinary and cultural heritage, subsequently expanding Shop Wine and Dine's reach to other world-class wine producing destinations the world-over.

Following her passion for jazz, Anna Maria further expanded Shop Wine and Dine's focus to include programs featuring world-class jazz and opera events to Italy, France, Brazil, Cuba, Spain and more, all of which include food and wine experiences as appropriate to these destinations.