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Train Travel

While planning a trip to Italy, one is faced with several options for traveling throughout this magnificent country.

RailEurope A very viable, convenient and relatively inexpensive way is traveling by train. If you are an efficient packer and welcome the opportunity to live one more “Italian” experience, then train travel is for you!

Freccia RossaThrough our collaboration with Rail Europe, Shop Wine and Dine is happy to facilitate the booking and purchase of your train tickets.

To make your train travel experience more enjoyable, we would like to suggest that you choose non-stop trains, first class and whenever possible trains designated as ES *(Euro Star), as they are much faster and more comfortable.

Buon viaggio!

Shop Wine and Dine offers train tickets through Rail Europe. When you click on the above link you will be taken to the Rail Europe website to complete your purchase. Rail Europe is not affiliated or connected with Shop Wine and Dine. Shop Wine and Dine does not control nor is responsible for its content.