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"WBGO Travel: A Musical Journey Around The World"

"Jazz is restless. It won't stay put and it never will."
Trombonist J.J. Johnson

WBGO, the world’s premiere jazz radio station, presents "WBGO Travel: A Musical Journey Around the World". "WBGO Travel" designs first-class travel packages visiting amazing locations for stellar concerts, world famous jazz festivals, incredible performances and deluxe tours. Our travel packages offer exclusive opportunities available only for our guests.

Music is a universal language that brings people together. Since the birth of jazz in the 20th century in the southern United States, the genre has embraced diverse cultures around the world, incorporating their sounds, vibrations and regional influences within its style. Inspired by the jazz tradition, creativity and imagination are essential ingredients for WBGO Travel packages. Our tours are comprised of hand-picked activities by the WBGO team to ignite the five senses, combining music, culture, art and food to create an extraordinary musical vacation.

You will be in great company with fellow WBGO listeners and lovers of travel. Together, we will sample delicious wines, engage in fascinating conversation over exquisite meals while savoring the sights and sounds of enchanting locations and great music . You will never want to go home.

Our travel packages reflect a musicians' desire to be bold, daring and to move the spirit. Music knows no boundaries, neither does WBGO. We invite you to come and travel with us and Shop Wine and Dine!


The San Sebastian Jazzaldia Festival and
Spain's Basque Country
Core Program
July 19-26, 2016
(Optional Madrid Extension: July 26-30)
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The 2016 Monterey Jazz Festival with WBGO
World-Class Jazz and the Monterey Peninsula.

September 15-19 2016
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