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Italy is perhaps what immediately comes to mind  when one thinks of romance and love, therefore thinking of Italy as the site for one’s wedding is effortless and natural.

Documentation, legalities, requirements and formalities, while certainly key, they are for the most part relatively routine and easily administered. What is key to making a wedding celebration memorable is understanding each family’s needs and dreams, and then visualize, interpret and execute them to perfection by making ideal choices and suggestions.

Shop Wine and Dine has achieved a reputation for creating exquisite, exciting and innovative itineraries to Italy that focus on its world renowned wines and cuisine. This concept can be the perfect centerpiece while breathtaking scenery, magnificent villas, country manors and historic castles the backdrop around which Shop Wine and Dine will make a wedding a once-in-a-lifetime dream a reality.

For more information email us at info@shopwineanddine.com

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